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The time is now

We all know someone whose life has been destroyed by an out of control government. In Utah, we have good cops and dirty cops. When I think of the Sheriff Departments around the state, I generally think of men and women who truly serve and protect. I see them helping women change a tire. They stop to ask what appears to be a disabled car if they can call a tow truck. The Utah Highway Patrol on the other hand might as well change their name to Luciferian Enforcement. Forty five dollars from every ticket by UHP goes to their retirement. True story. They do not even pretend to serve or protect. That motto was removed from their vehicles a long time ago. They try to average one thousand dollars per hour in tickets, per vehicle on the road. Think about that. Massive extractions of cash from people that committed no crime.


Our Governor wants to arrest children that are not stupid enough to wear a mask to school.

Churches cower, afraid of losing their tax exempt status. They close buildings and pass on the evil directives of a corrupt government. Recently, the Angel Moroni threw down his trumpet in disgust, from atop the LDS Temple.


Ammon Bundy, who has been fighting corruption for years, has a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1115723640 where he documents several cases of corruption from around the country.


As a Utah Patriot, you can help clean up the corruption by holding the politicians and other public servants accountable. We know how to do this legally and peacefully.


Scripture tells us that while the Constitution will hang by a thread, the elders will stand up and save it. Ladies and Gentlemen, that means you and me. One person can not stand up alone. We have committees of safety in every county. Or will have shortly. This is one group of soverign people that the defacto government fear.




Our Mission

Take the U.S. back

Our nation is We the people