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What you need to know

Two thousand year old prophecies describe our world today as the end times. Whether or not you believe scriptures does not make this any less true. Our fiat currency is backed by nothing except the willingness of people to accept it. Homelessness, crime, drug use, and poverty are at all time highs. Depravity and corruption are rampant througout government and private citizenry. The deep state is real. Children are shown explicit sexual videos in elementary school. These problems are global and not limited to the United States.


Bankruptcies are way up. Fifty million people are out of work. Thirty million people are behind on their rent or mortgage. Many businesses will never recover. The covid hoax has people worried, but not about any of the things that deserve being concerned about. We are on the brink of civil war. We are also on the brink of a world war.


The price of silver has doubled in the last 2 months. There are shortages of many items due to work shortages. Vast amounts of food has been destroyed. Ninety-five percent of people can not handle a one thousand dollar emergency. Most people have less than a weeks supply of food on hand. We are in an awful situation.


This country can be saved. As a matter of fact, it will be saved. We the people out number our oppressors.


Committees of Safety go way back to the 17th century and were used in the American Revolution to keep government in check. Committees of Safety are springing up across the United States right now. Committees of Safety organized in Counties, can lawfully hold the feet of politicians to the fire. Politicians must take an oath to the Constitution and be bonded.


It was the challenge of their oath and bond that resulted in all charges being dropped against the Bundys. The only alternative being the arrest and imprisonment of all of the FBI, Judges, attorneys, police, and others guilty of felonies under the color of law.




Our Mission

Take the U.S. back

Our nation is We the people