Mitt Romney faces truth on flight home

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Mitt Romney faces truth on flight home

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People chanting Traitor Traitor Traitor to the piece of shit Romney that pretends to be a Christian. His lies and Satanic behavior precede him on this flight. Turn the sound up for best response.

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Re: Mitt Romney faces truth on flight home

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People in Utah have been trying to get rid of Mitt Romney ever since he got in. He is not a republican. He is more of a socialist democrat. Most people refer to this as a Satanist.

There are different groups that are getting signatures to have him censored. So what. He wears his socialism proudly. Like Lucifer, he thinks that God did not have the better plan. Oh, he pretends to be religious. And there are some Mormons that would vote for another Mormon even if he was a dedicated Disciple of Satan, like Mitt.

Scott Bradley has made a couple different videos that I know of detailing the whys and where to fors of this situation and so I am going to list them here so that you can get the full scoop and see what it is that you are really up against.
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