$100 Prize for Best essay on Taking our country back

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$100 Prize for Best essay on Taking our country back

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$100 Prize for best essay on “Taking our Country Back” Article is to be written and posted at: viewforum.php?f=23

A FREE account is required to post. Justification for wanting an account is required to register. Your justification can be as simple as I want to enter contest, or I am interested in your content. This question helps prevent bots and spammers from creating an account.

This is a complex topic and will include complex answers. Pacifists may just wait for God to do something. Militants may attempt an insurrection. Preppers may suggest living in a rural area where one can be as self sufficient as possible. Some may feel that education is the answer. Perhaps you want to create your own Zion and separate yourself from the world. Maybe you do not believe that the country has been taken over. Now that voting no longer matters, and politicians are part of the problem, you may think a civil war is in order. Since this is not limited to the United States, maybe you think a world war is in order. Some solutions will require blood to be spilled. This essay is about your idea of how to solve the problems.

Winners will be chosen via a multiple faceted system. Consideration will be given to the post with the most traffic hits. Visitors will be able to vote for their own winner. There will also be a panel of judges whose decision will be final. Contest begins on January 1, 2022 and ends on February 28, 2022. First Prize will be $100, Second Prize will be $50, and Third Price will be $20. Prizes can be paid via PayPal or Venmo.

Rules are subject to change. However, any changes will be posted on this page. This is the only official page and will contain final rules if any changes are made.
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