Illegal use of your DNA after covid test

It is now certain that the covid hoax is a conspiracy to reduce population. One has to be too stupid to be considered human to consider the vax. This thread has hundreds of proof that this is the biggest lie ever told.
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Illegal use of your DNA after covid test

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A group of New York City public school parents and teachers are asking a judge to suspend mandatory coronavirus testing — until the city can guarantee that the tests won’t also be used to collect their DNA in a database.

The eight plaintiffs — including teachers, parents and other staff — claim that the Department of Education has refused to provide them with a contract from company Fulgent Genetics, showing that it won’t place the COVID-19 test “specimens in an active DNA data base,” according to the Manhattan Supreme Court petition from Monday.

The suit claims that, so far, the Department of Education has only sent them “a DOE link assuring parents that all vendors collection tests would destroy samples after ascertaining each test result,” rather than showing a specific contract with Fulgent Genetics.

“DOE has refused to provide petitioners with the contract which would provide this assurance and guarantee,” the court documents allege. “Absent said assurance, petitioners have no way of knowing whether their DNA will be maintained and used against their will by Fulgent Genetics.”

Without this, they claim their constitutional right to privacy could be at risk.
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