Nurse collapses on live TV after Vaccine & other horror stories

It is now certain that the covid hoax is a conspiracy to reduce population. One has to be too stupid to be considered human to consider the vax. This thread has hundreds of proof that this is the biggest lie ever told.
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Trucker Joe
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Nurse collapses on live TV after Vaccine & other horror stories

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Re: Nurse collapses on live TV after Vaccine

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Government tries to cover up her death. But her Twitter account has 30,000 new followers wondering if she is okay. Her daily responses before this incident have completely stopped.
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Vette guy
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Moderna vaccine destroys lives

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Only the dumbest of asses take an mRNA shot to get their DNA modified under the guise of stopping covid.

Here is a woman with a tragic story. What a bunch of pieces of shit the people at Moderna are.
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Edgar Summer
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Pfizer shot destroys woman's life

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Here is a woman that took Pfizer's satanic shot. Keep in mind that all a person has to do to prevent covid is take one dose of Ivermectin a month which costs $1 and has no side effects. There is not even one legitimate reason to get a vaccine for covid. The only reason they are pushing it is because they want control over people's minds. Do a little research on Luciferase and mRNA and you will see what I mean. All getting a covid vaccine does is tell people that you are an idiot.
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