The True Science of Mask Wearing

It is now certain that the covid hoax is a conspiracy to reduce population. One has to be too stupid to be considered human to consider the vax. This thread has hundreds of proof that this is the biggest lie ever told.
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Trucker Joe
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The True Science of Mask Wearing

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Masks do not work. Masks can not work. Mask promoters are worthless pieces of shit.
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Chemical That Causes Penises To Shrink Found In Face Masks

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Phthalates has been linked to genital shrinkage, decreased fertility rates, and less masculine behavior in young boys
Gabriel Keane by GABRIEL KEANE March 25, 2021
Young boys whose mothers were exposed to high levels of phthalates were more likely to exhibit non-masculine behavior and less likely to “play with trucks and other male-typical toys or to play fight.”
The chemicals can cause a wide range of male reproductive harm, including undescended testicles, birth defects of the genitals, and infertility.
Humanity is facing an “existential crisis” in fertility rates as a direct result of the chemical phthalates, and most men may be infertile by 2045. ... ace-masks/

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Parasites found in NEW masks

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Trying to do the math. If you've enhaled two or three per mask, wearing a mask a week since last could have a few dozen worms swimming around in your lungs by now.

A small sacrifice to show love to others in their paranoid delusion though, right?

They plan to kill you, one way or another!
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