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Chuck Baldwin on 2020

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What We Learned In 2020

We learned much in 2020. I’ll get right to it.

1. In 2020, we learned that the establishment church is happy to render to Caesar the things that are God’s.

I’ll say it straight out: Those pastors and churches that refused to resist the Covid lockdowns, closures and restrictions during 2020 surrendered to the spirit of antichrist and became part of the Babylonish beastly system of Revelation 18.

Truly, the salt has lost its savour, and as Jesus told us, “it is thenceforth good for nothing.” (Matthew 5:13)

What began as government-created tax-exempt religious organizations in 1954 turned into full-fledged government houses of spiritual prostitution in 2020. Street hookers are more honorable than these sheepish, sniveling, spineless “saints.” At least street hookers are honest about what they do, and they don’t try to hide their whorish behavior behind the façade of God.

Perhaps no one personifies the beastly subjugation of the pulpit like the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, Kentucky), Albert Mohler.

A prominent leader within the largest non-Catholic religious denomination in the United States is urging Christians everywhere to get vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) because this is supposedly what Jesus wants them to do in order to “love thy neighbor.”

Albert Mohler, head of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., penned a lengthy article for his The Briefing newsletter that compares President Donald Trump’s warp speed COVID-19 vaccines to the moon landing, calling the jabs a “successful” example of mankind’s God-ordained “dominion” over the earth.

Because tens of millions of Christians are presumably planning to forego the shot, Mohler is trying to manipulate them into complying using the Bible as a pro-pharma weapon. Mohler presents “seven points for consideration,” supposedly from the Bible, that demonstrate – according to him, anyway – how God wants all believers to get jabbed with the experimental injections.

“Pressing against disease and viruses is part of our mandate,” Mohler writes, suggesting that people who believe in God have a biblical duty to get vaccinated whenever the government tells them they should. “Medical treatment is an extension of God’s common grace and Christians have always understood this.”

Bizarrely, Mohler presents the example of famous American evangelist Jonathan Edwards as proof of the “legitimacy of inoculations.” Despite the fact that Edwards died from a toxic vaccine injection that gave him “a lethal case of smallpox,” which Mohler openly admits, Edwards’ willingness to get vaccinated at all shows that he appreciated “the science of medicine,” as should all Christians, according to Mohler.

Edwards is an example to us all, Mohler goes on to suggest, because he “made the point that a biblical Christian worldview understands.” That point, according to Mohler, is that everything is “orderly and intelligible” thanks to pharmaceuticals and vaccines, which are apparently “based in the Christian doctrine of creation.”

Mohler also addresses concerns among Christians about COVID-19 vaccines containing ingredients made from aborted human babies, dismissing the seriousness of this by claiming, in essence, that “no one who is producing these COVID-19 vaccines had any direct involvement in bringing about the abortion,” thus rendering the jabs morally aligned with Christian beliefs.

“Some people might approach the issue of vaccination through self-defined terms,” Mohler writes, suggesting that those who reject the COVID-19 vaccine are selfish.

In 2020, the establishment church proved itself to be impotent, inept, illegitimate, indefensible, insincere, irresponsible and irrelevant. No real Christian can stay in such a “church,” and no real Christian will. The sooner these miserable masked congregations dry up and wither away, the better! They are leading the country into the slavish shackles of antichrist.

Millions of real Christians should be nailing their own 95 Theses on the doors of their apostate churches and walking away, just as Martin Luther did. And the sooner the better!

2. In 2020, we learned that the medical establishment cares more about its own profits than the health of its patients.

If churches are the whores of Big Government—and most of them are—the medical establishment is a whore of Big Pharma.

The corona narrative is the biggest hoax in human history. It does no good to even try and talk rationally with most people, however, as they have totally succumbed to the mass lies and hysteria of Anthony “Heil Hitler!” Fauci.

I maintain a web page dedicated to the truth about the coronavirus that contains more than enough evidence to completely destroy the Fauci narrative about the virus. It doesn’t matter. The White Coats have saturated the minds of the American people with this phony narrative to the point that people’s minds have turned to mush.

The coronavirus has put billions of dollars into the medical establishment—especially Big Pharma—while REAL healthcare in this country is now mostly a charade. Treating anyone NOT testing positive for Covid is such a low priority it barely deserves to be called a priority. Saving lives and healing people has taken a back seat to shoveling in the wealth of government stimulus money and bribes from the pharmaceutical industry.

And never mind the fact that the PCR Covid test is a BIG, FAT JOKE. One veteran Montana physician rightly wrote:

The PCR test, as you know, is the building block, the cornerstone of the current “pandemic” charade. It is the basis for lockdown, economic and social devastation, death, doctors abandoning patients and sound medical practices, massive transfer of wealth and power, and development of vaccines.

Evidence is mounting, and many think the final verdict is in, that PCR testing is worthless for determining Covid 19 infection and contagion. The oppressive measures have been based on positive PCR tests rather than infected patients. Meaningless positive tests are called case numbers, from case numbers, the rate of infectivity and death are determined and from hence comes the draconian measures.

Dr. Anthony Fauci publicly stating a cycle threshold for PCR testing over 35 is useless while the WHO and DROSTEN paper recommends a cycle threshold 45 cycles; The FDA says run the test to 40 cycles. University of Montana lab uses Ct 40; likely the other Montana labs do also. The World Health Organization admits that test positivity is arbitrary. One US study showed by cycle 35: 97% of the positives don’t reach clinical significance.

There are multiple lawsuits based on the flaws of PCR testing, including an international lawsuit out of Germany pointing to the harms from restrictions driven by PCR testing. The primary attorney on the case plans to criminally prosecute and sue for civil damages the purveyors of this crime against humanity. With the PCR edifice of this deadly charade crumbling, it looks like this house of cards might fall.

3. In 2020, we learned how Big Business is happy to surrender the free enterprise system in order to suck at the teat of government graft.

Did you notice how quickly businesses were willing to become proud purveyors of our enslavement? Masks are nothing more than symbols of slavery. When the government decides to add chains to our fashion ware, watch businesses fall all over themselves to be the first ones to sell us our first set of “designer” chains.

No wonder Thomas Jefferson said, “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.”

If you really think that these mask mandates, social distancing orders and lockdowns are temporary inconveniences, you are under a “strong delusion.” (II Thessalonians 2:11)

Look at what the power elite in New York have in store for you:

The New York legislature is weighing a bill that would let the authorities take anyone suspected of having or being exposed to a contagious disease and hold them indefinitely - even forcibly medicating them.

Under the new law, New Yorkers may be dragged out of their homes and locked up on mere suspicion of having been ‘exposed’ to the novel coronavirus — no positive test or even symptoms necessary. Once imprisoned in one of the state’s purpose-built facilities, individuals may be forced to submit to a “prescribed course of treatment” including drugs and vaccines — and even then, freedom is not guaranteed.

The state’s nightmarish Assembly Bill A416 would see targets locked away for as long as 60 days without a hearing. And while the prisoner has a right to legal counsel, New York health authorities will have the ultimate say in deciding when - and if - they’re no longer contagious. Assuming they ever were in the first place, that is.

Given how unreliable the PCR tests used to screen for the coronavirus are, producing up to 90 percent false positives by some estimates, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s facilities will almost certainly be flooded with the contacts of healthy people erroneously deemed ‘cases.’ But like the governor’s decision to send Covid-19 patients into nursing homes, killing tens of thousands of elderly people, confining the healthy with the sick only guarantees that more of the healthy will fall ill with each passing day. The state thus gets a bump in case numbers, justifying further repression of its citizens under the guise of yet another virus ‘surge.’

That, very likely, is in ALL of our futures.

4. In 2020, we learned how our civil magistrates were more than happy to trash our Constitution and Bill of Rights for the sake of partisan politics.

Republicans had nine long months to expose the Covid conspiracy and intervene on behalf of Liberty, but they chose to sit back and do absolutely nothing, not wanting to risk defeat in the November elections.

I remind you that Donald Trump was the president who gave Anthony “Heil Hitler!” Fauci his totalitarian platform; Trump was the one who initiated Operation Warp Speed; Trump was the one who put the country in a state of emergency over Covid 19—not once, not twice, not thrice but FOUR times. Yet, conservative Republicans talk and behave like there is some kind of huge difference between the tyrannous conduct of Trump and the Democrats who came before him.

Excuse me, but what Donald Trump really succeeded in doing was exposing the moral, ethical and spiritual bankruptcy of the hearts of Christians and conservatives all over America, as they compromised one constitutional conviction after another in order to placate an arrogant, corrupt, licentious and blasphemous president.

By their grotesque groveling before Trump, evangelical Christians and pastors have forever forfeited the moral high ground and have put a putrid stain of shame on the reputation of the church that may never be washed clean in the hearts and minds of honest people who will not forget such an abysmal betrayal of moral and ethical decency.

5. In 2020, we learned that Liberty is not dead in every American heart.

Viewership of my messages at Liberty Fellowship grew exponentially in 2020, as thousands of disenfranchised Christians sought a Biblical Liberty message where truth and courage still live.

True Freedomists—Liberty-lovers who think for themselves and still have the grit to say “NO!”—by the millions are resisting the draconian call for people to take the experimental Covid vaccines being foisted upon an unsuspecting and gullible public. Millions refuse to be led to the slaughter like sheep. Millions are not buying the mass Covid propaganda. Millions have drawn their line in the sand.

Make no mistake about it: 2020 was the beginning of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World. The Bible refers to it as mystical Babylon—the government of antichrist. You are witnessing the seasonal reign of antichrist as we speak.

And, no! There is no “rapture” that will appear like the 7th Cavalry in a black-and-white TV western to take Christians out of tribulation. Try telling the millions of suffering saints in persecuted countries around the world who have endured horrific tribulation for hundreds of years that America’s Christians are so special that God will not let THEM suffer tribulation but will whisk them away to Heaven instead.

The arrogance of the Western Church is both limitless and shameless.

As sure as there is a God in Heaven, these infernal masks—along with the Covid vaccines and looming digital ID tracking/control systems—are part of the antichrist Mark of the Beast. We will either submit to the authority of antichrist or we will resist antichrist and submit to the authority of THE CHRIST.

THAT is the decision you and I are making RIGHT NOW.

2020 showed us that a majority of the establishment churches, medical industry, businesses and politicians in both major parties are servants of antichrist.

Now we know what Jesus meant when He said, “Enter ye in at the straight gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be that go in thereat: Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” (Matthew 7:13, 14)

And yes, 2020 also taught us much about ourselves.

P.S. I strongly encourage readers to obtain the DVD of my message The Babylon Of Revelation 18.

Chuck Baldwin
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