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Here is an article explaining how doctors have created illness by vaccinations. Refusing to learn ways to control the causes of people's lack of ease or dis-ease, they treat only the symptoms instead. One such disease created by doctors and the shot needle is allergy to peanut butter which causes a lot of deaths. ... -epidemic/
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How to legally avoid Vaccinations

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Legally avoiding shot

Ask if it contains “MRC-5”. These are aborted fetal cells. If the vaccine contains MRC-5 you have every right to decline. In some cases, it’s against one’s religion to use anything that contains aborted fetuses. Being most vaccines contain MRC-5 you’re basically off the hook of taking a vaccine after this first question and doctors will have to respect your decision of declining the vaccine.
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The second question you should ask is, “Is it possible to have an Iatrogenic reaction after taking the vaccine?” (a harmful complication, or other ill effect caused by multiple drugs interacting with each other from the vaccine). Most vaccines do have a possibility of Iatrogenic reactions in patients.

Walk out of the Doctors office, you are free to go. Doctors have signed a Hippocratic Oath which states you should do no harm to any patient. So, if a doctor’s treatment will cause harm to you then their in violation of their own oath.
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Illegal to recommend vitamins

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COVID Natural Remedies BANNED as DOJ and FTC Seek to Silence Doctors Promoting Vitamin D, C, Zinc, etc.


When people in Europe started dying from fatal blood clots shortly after receiving experimental COVID injections last month (March, 2021), some countries began criminal investigations over the deaths, including Italy which launched a manslaughter investigation after several people died following the injections.

Here in the U.S., as of this week, the CDC is stating that they have received 3,486 reports of people dying following the experimental COVID injections.

So what is the U.S. Government’s response to all these deaths being reported? Are they investigating them to see if the pharmaceutical companies are acting criminally?

No, last week the Department of Justice announced that they were going to start enforcing a new bill signed into law back in December by then President Donald Trump, which makes it illegal for anyone to promote non-pharmaceutical products as treatments for COVID-19.

The law is called the “COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act.”

read more... ... -zinc-etc/
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Self Spreading Vaccinations

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Scientists have created vaccines that spread themselves; these self-spreading vaccines can be developed in two ways.

The convenient approach relies on applying the vaccine to the fur of the captured animals and releasing them back into the wild. When they return to their natural homes, the vaccine will spread as social grooming takes place. As the individuals groom each other they ingest the vaccine which magnifies the level of immunity that populations can reach. This process shows promise for reducing the threat of rabies transmitted from vampire bats.

The second approach is a bit more radical: it relies on inserting a small piece of the genome of the infectious disease agent into a benign virus that spreads through the animal population. As the transmissible vaccine spreads from animal to animal, it immunises them against the target infectious disease. Immunity will increase within the population and the threat to humans will be heavily reduced.

The technology to create self-disseminating vaccinations now exists and has already been taken to field trials. Currently experiments are focused on protecting wild rabbit populations from a viral haemorrhagic fever using this technology.


Most Americans are saying no to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines despite the deep state’s best efforts to sway them. It may not matter, though, because the jabs could be self-spreading, meaning the vaccinated could be effectively vaccinating the unvaccinated simply by “shedding” it onto them.

A Johns Hopkins University (JHU) paper explains how self-spreading vaccines work to spread through both vaccinated and unvaccinated populations by design. Even if you forego the jab, in other words, you could still end up becoming vaccinated if someone you come into contact with was recently injected.

Ironically, this makes vaccinated people the true “superspreaders” who are putting society at risk. Since there is still no real proof that viruses even spread through the air at all, who is actually responsible for spreading disease throughout society? The answer is the vaccinated.
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The Truth about Vaccinations

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Cover-up Vaccinations cause Autism

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Simpsonwood Scandal: How an ‘Absolutely Catastrophic’ Autism Link Was Covered Up by Health Authorities

“Simpsonwood was effectively a highly-secret meeting between representatives of federal agencies and vaccine experts to cover up the fact that they had discovered a highly-significant link between exposure to thimerosal in the hepatitis b vaccine and autism,” shared Andrew Wakefield.
“And they did do a vaxed/unvaxed study, a comparison of those who received a thimerosal-containing vaccine versus those who did not. And there was a sevenfold [7.6] increased risk of autism in those who received the vaccine,” he relayed.

“And what they did then was to fudge the data — to take out the comparison unvaccinated group and to present the data as saying that there is no link between thimerosal and autism,” Wakefield attested.

“But then they went on, obviously, to remove it slowly — recommendations ... And it was all done not to protect the children. This is the key point. It was done to protect the reputations and the credibility of the vaccine regulators.”
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Steve Kirsch: There is no safe vaccine, not a single one. Not one vaccine is safe and effective.

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Steve Kirsch: There is no safe vaccine, not a single one. Not one vaccine is safe and effective. ... nated.html
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