National groups want to take country back

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National groups want to take country back

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I did a Google search for Patriot Groups and discovered that there are evil groups that call patriots some nasty names including white supremacist, anti-American, hate groups, etc. None of those names fit any of the groups I have ever associated with.

Truly, nobody hates this country more than the democrats. Not a single tenet of their National Platform is a good idea. When they name a project or committee, you can be sure it will be exactly the opposite of whatever they name it.

I realize that there are some evil Republicans, too. Mitt Romney is as evil as they come. John McCain was not only a disgrace to his party, but to humanity in general. The world would be a better place if some of these people were never born. I suppose God had to give them the opportunity to show their true colors. We know a third part chose to follow Lucifer. That left a third part to follow God and Jesus. The other third part wanted to follow Lucifer, but didn't want to miss out on getting a body, so they knew that choosing Jesus would give them the freedom to follow Lucifer. These were evil spirits and evil the day they were born.

Satan has had 6000 years to prepare for our day. Time to put his disciples in charge of every country. The war which started in Heaven rages on. The Bible tells all about it. Some very good books were taken out of the Bible around 400 A.D.

James T. Prout wrote a book that interprets Ezra's vision.
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