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Forum Rules

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This Board is for all age groups and MUST remain so. Profanity, obscenity, or vulgarity will not be tolerated. Please respect other posters.


Do NOT suggest any illegal activity

People have been arrested, had property seized, and been imprisoned for posts made on social media. Do not post anything that will make you a target.

All posts must be in English.

Remember, our goal is to return our government to "by the people, for the people!"

Follow the Law:
No posts or comments that violate laws in your jurisdiction or the United States. The Feds are always watching!

No Doxing:
No doxing, including revealing personal information of non-public figures, as well as addresses, phone numbers, etc. of public figures.

Civil Discussion ONLY:
They want you divided.
They want you labeled by race, religion, class, sex, etc.
Divided you are weak [no collective power].
Divided you attack each other and miss the true target [them].

No PAYtriots/No Self Promotion:
Linking or promoting merchandise, fundraising, or spamming personal websites, blogs, or channels is not permitted. You may list your patriot site in our forum.

General Rules:

-All posts must be in English.

-Keep posts related to topics.

-Keep post duplication to a minimum.

-HIGH EFFORT, HIGH-INFO posts only! Please respect other readers. Please use descriptive titles.

-Memes allowed, but no low-quality, low-info posts.

-Keep it honest and accurate.

-Keep post titles informative. No clickbait.

Keep it clean!
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