Utah's Secret Government

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Utah's Secret Government

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Utah is 2nd in corruption

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https://justice4all.blog/2021/02/10/mos ... ranks-2nd/

Read the whole article and follow all of the links.
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Re: Utah's Secret Government

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Alena is on this radio interview: https://rumble.com/vewytx-exposed-gover ... -amid.html

She's going after some sheriffs and also holding Governor Cox accountable for his actions as well. Utah government is becoming so corrupt. Eric Moutsos is another guy who is showing a documentary about the different cities that have shut down private events while at the same time opening up their own city events. It's bad. You can read his book free. He was fired from the SLCPD shortly after refusing to volunteer to patrol a parade in Provo, Utah (or maybe SLC?), which was highlighting the LGBT movement. https://www.ericmoutsos.com/book/

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