Paradigm "Hemp" Car

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Paradigm "Hemp" Car

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Aptera Motors, a startup, high-efficiency vehicle manufacturer, has developed a three-wheeled vehicle that can transport two people, and uses a solar array that can be supplemented with more solar panels on the hood and rear hatch to extend the car’s range to 1,000 miles.

The body is made of a composite of carbon, Kevlar and hemp – proven in racing cars to provide strength and safety, KGO-TV reported. The vehicle is designed to reduce wind resistance, which impacts range.

The manufacturer has already seen massive interest in its new Paradigm vehicle, and 8,000 people have paid deposits on the vehicle, which will be sold for $26,000 to $46,000, depending on features.

Comparatively, its two biggest competitors, the Tesla Model 3 and Lucid Air, sell for $36,000 and $77,400, respectively, according to International Business Times.
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