The Grand Merger Of Big Tech And Big Pharma

Deep State, Gadianton Robbers, cabal, etc.
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The Grand Merger Of Big Tech And Big Pharma

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The Grand Merger Of Big Tech And Big Pharma: It’s About The Data ... -the-data/

As pandemic countermeasures obliterate the middle class and civil rights, Silicon Valley’s billionaire robber barons are cashing in on the global economic collapse and the rise of the surveillance state.

Now, one of these tech titans — a man with deep ties to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) — has claimed the golden ring: the key contract to manage all the personal, health and financial data that will allow government and industry to keep us in line as they build their New World Order.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will curate the vast datasets that house our medical, financial and personal information enabling Big Brother to track and trace our movements, our purchases, our preferences and our vulnerabilities, and use that information to control civil populations, suppress dissent and punish disobedience.
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