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De Jure vs De Facto

The Founding Fathers created the Constitution to be the supreme law of the land. This is de jure or the real law.


The courts have usurped the Constitution with case law. The Founding Fathers wanted the Constitution to be incredibly hard to change. In order to change the Constitution, it takes a Constitutional amendment.


So when the Second Amendment states quite clearly that the right of citizens to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, it is the law. Since no constitutional amendment has been passed to change this, any fake rule, regulation, ordinance, or statute that says otherwise is absolutely without question illegal. In fact, any law enforcement that enforces a fake law is guilty of a crime. Even so, these fake laws including all case law are considered de facto.


One might say that our current lockdown is de facto martial law. Or at least in the State of California, where presumably you might be shot for disobeying the illegal (de facto) law.


The orders to wear a mask are illegal, as well. For one thing, there is zero evidence that masks are effective against covid. One simple reason that they are not effective is that the holes in a mask relative to the size of the corona virus, is equivalent to a bee flying through the end zone of a football field.


According to the de facto government, it is illegal to teach the truth in public schools.


Just the few items I have listed so far should be enough to motivate you to fire the scum that pretend to have authorization of we the people to commit their crimes.


Perhaps you now know why you joined this group and why you are doing everything you can to educate your neighbors.


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