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Common Law Cases

People around the country are learning the lawful tactics that attorneys will never talk about. These tactics include demanding the politician's bonding information or Oath of Office information. When presented correctly, these tactics have public officials shaking in their boots. There are several reasons why, and there is not room on this page to go into detail. Suffice it to say that people around the country are organizing into assemblies, committees of safety, and other patriot groups that are constitutional and carry the power of We the People.


Constitutional Law Group is a group of Constitutional Attorneys that are actively involved in helping people that the government has attempted to destroy. I recommend you visit their site.


We will be adding to this list as a work in progress.


The Federalist Society have a Youtube channel that relates to our day and time https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMk8U2Hmfdxqn3zrCq2g9oQ




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