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Take our country back

Our country belongs to us people Watch this video

Our Founding Fathers were inspired by God to try the experiment of self government. No other nation on earth has ever tried this. They state specifically of receiving devine revelation. They knew all too well that the evil nature of man would try to destroy this country by making it a democracy. The Constitution was written to prevent this. Our politicians no longer follow the Constitution. It is time that they do.

The Utah Patriots Team

The Utah Patriots team is comprised of several locally elected members. We have weekly video conferences for members.


WE are a group of sovereign individuals in the state of Utah who have joined together to take back our power of authority.


WE operate under Common Law, not Civil Law.


WE do not seek to affect change through protesting, begging for our rights, or through letter-writing.


WE already have our Rights, our God-Given Rights, just by being born on the land. All Rights are Ours. The Constitution and The Bill of Rights establish the guidelines designed to limit the powers of the officials and to guarantee our Rights. Nothing can be outside of the Constitution or it is null and void.


WE do not seek to create any new processes or laws. In fact, some existing ones should be removed.


WE follow a Constitutional common law administrative process.


When WE THE PEOPLE self-govern from the county level through the state and national level as they did at the founding of our country, then the people issue the orders and the public servants must comply. This abomination we have now acting as a government is destructive to the people and must end NOW!




Our Mission

Take the U.S. back

Our nation is We the people